Mergers and Acquisitions Courses

Here at Redcliffe Training, we pride ourselves on offering a range of banking and corporate finance training. From structural and documentation issues in acquisitions to the procedures needed in selling businesses, we offer a whole range of unrivalled mergers and acquisitions training courses. Every trainer is a former practitioner and expert in their field, and we take a variety of approaches to learning, varying from seminars to workshops and case studies.

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Currently Available Public Courses

ADVANCED M&A MODELLING : A Practical 3-day Workshop £1975.00 + VAT Course info »
Advanced Negotiation Issues in M&A £800.00 + VAT Course info »
Advanced Takeover Code Course: Current Strategies and Tactics £695.00 + VAT Course info »
Buying a Company Course £550.00 + VAT Course info »
Introduction to The Takeover Code £600.00 + VAT Course info »
Selling a Company Course £550.00 + VAT Course info »
The Financial Issues in Acquisition Agreements Course £550.00 + VAT Course info »
The M&A Course £1550.00 + VAT Course info »
The Modelling for M&A Course £1800.00 + VAT Course info »
The SPA Course – Commercial Issues in Sale and Purchase Agreements £695.00 + VAT Course info »
The Takeover Code Update Course £400.00 + VAT Course info »

Organising a training course for a group of colleagues and presenting it in-house for you can be financially advantageous and all of our public courses can be presented in-house. We are happy to tailor the publicly scheduled training course content to meet your needs, or we can develop an entirely new course for you and present it in-house to your staff. Should you wish to enquire about an in-house course, please contact us on:

Currently Available In-house Courses Which Are Not Presently Run As Public Courses

In-House Course IFRS Accounting for Transactions in Corporate Control (M&A) Contact us Course info »
In-House Course Legal Due Diligence Contact us Course info »
In-House Course Public to Private Takeovers Contact us Course info »
In-House Course Tax Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions Contact us Course info »
In-House Course The Distressed Disposals Training Course – The Key Negotiating Aspects Contact us Course info »