Project Finance Training Courses

Redcliffe’s project finance courses cover the critical components of projects, as well as providing a thorough outline of their associated risks, the roles of each party in the transaction and an examination of the phases of the deal.

The methodology used in training on our project finance training courses is varied, with special priority given to interactivity.

If you feel that you or your employees’ skill sets would be enhanced by enrolment on a project finance modelling course, then contact us today to find out how we can help you. You can get in touch with us easily by either calling 020 7387 4484 or emailing

Currently Available Public Courses

Infrastructure Investment for Pension Funds and Asset Managers£1300.00 + VATCourse info »
Infrastructure Investment for Risk Managers£1300.00 + VATCourse info »
Infrastructure Project Finance Course£695.00 + VATCourse info »
PPP Concessions: The Commercial & Financial Framework£695.00 + VATCourse info »
The Project Finance Course£1300.00 + VATCourse info »
Water, Waste & PPP Project Finance WorkshopContact usCourse info »

Organising a training course for a group of colleagues and presenting it in-house for you can be financially advantageous and all of our public courses can be presented in-house. We are happy to tailor the publicly scheduled training course content to meet your needs, or we can develop an entirely new course for you and present it in-house to your staff. Should you wish to enquire about an in-house course, please contact us on:

Currently Available In-house Courses Which Are Not Presently Run As Public Courses

In-House CourseEnergy & Power Project Finance WorkshopContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseInfrastructure & PPP Cash-Flow WorkshopContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseProject Finance Modelling – A Practical WorkshopContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseThe Structuring and Documentation Issues in Project Finance CourseContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseTransport Infrastructure & PPP Project Finance WorkshopContact usCourse info »