Valuation Training Courses

Here at Redcliffe Training, we offer a range of valuation courses that look at a variety of techniques in valuing different companies in different stages, like valuing insurance companies or valuing declining and distressed companies so you can develop your skills in valuation. We offer both public courses and in house seminars on various topics in this subject area, so you’re bound to find a course to suit you.

So if you’re interested in enrolling in any of the courses that you see here, then don’t hesitate to get in contact. Call us on +44 (0)20 7387 4484 or email

Currently Available Public Courses

Applied Financial Mathematics in Excel Training Course£675.00 + VATCourse info »
Emerging Market Bank Modelling & Valuation£1800.00 + VATCourse info »
Lease Modelling in Excel Training Course£1300.00 + VATCourse info »
Modelling Service-based Businesses£1350.00 + VATCourse info »
Real Estate Modelling Training Course£1700.00 + VATCourse info »
The M&A Course£2260.00 + VATCourse info »
Valuing Commodity Companies and Sectors£675.00 + VATCourse info »
Valuing Start Up and Pre IPO Companies£1350.00 + VATCourse info »
Valuing a Company£595.00 + VATCourse info »
Valuing a Pharmaceutical Company Training course£695.00 + VATCourse info »
Valuing a Technology Company Course£695.00 + VATCourse info »

Organising a training course for a group of colleagues and presenting it in-house for you can be financially advantageous and all of our public courses can be presented in-house. We are happy to tailor the publicly scheduled training course content to meet your needs, or we can develop an entirely new course for you and present it in-house to your staff. Should you wish to enquire about an in-house course, please contact us on:

Currently Available In-house Courses Which Are Not Presently Run As Public Courses

In-House CourseAdvanced Business Valuation Course – A Practical WorkshopContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseAdvanced Business Valuation and Modelling Training CourseContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseAdvanced Valuation – Valuing Rapid Growth Companies CourseContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseComparative Valuation CourseContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseExcel Auditing WorkshopContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseThe Corporate Finance Training CourseContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseVBA and MacrosContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseValuation Masterclass – Valuing Difficult BusinessesContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseValuing Cyclical and Commodity Companies Course – AdvancedContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseValuing Declining and Distressed Companies Course – AdvancedContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseValuing Early Stage and Start Up Companies – Advanced Valuation CourseContact usCourse info »
In-House CourseValuing Financial Companies CourseContact usCourse info »