In-House Training

In addition to running a large number of public programmes, Redcliffe Training is also able to provide cost efficient training on an in-house basis for clients based all over the world. The venue and timing of the training can be agreed to suit the client, as well as the selection of the trainer and the precise contents of the seminar. Clients for whom Redcliffe Training has delivered in-house seminars during the past three years may be found under Our Clients.

Redcliffe Training offers all of the courses listed in the Courses and Dates section of this website as in-house programmes and others may be developed at the request of a client. Please contact us, either via our contact page or by telephoning us on 020 73874844 for further details.

Courses in Foreign Languages

Redcliffe Training is able to deliver many seminars in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese).

Topics which can be covered include many banking subjects, and many areas of banking and corporate law. Our trainers are based all over the world so it may be possible for us to provide a banking/legal expert without clients having to pay high travel costs.

To enquire about this option, please contact us on:

What our clients are saying about some of our highly tailored courses: 

“Useful industry insight into historical and current positions” – Grant Thornton on the “Debt Advisory – The Fundamentals” tailored course

“A lot of terms discussed, the course was backed up by actual working examples” – Grant Thornton on the “Debt Advisory – The Fundamentals” tailored course

“Lots of good technical content for work in debt advisory, good and entertaining trainer” – Grant Thornton on the “Debt Advisory – The Fundamentals” tailored course

Redcliffe Training is able to deliver training in any of the subject areas below:


All areas including the interpretation of financial statements, accounting for derivatives, International Accounting Standards (IASs), US GAAP, updates on all current developments and auditing topics.

Asset Management

All types of investment products, investment institutions, portfolio management, unit trusts, investment trusts, OEICs, use of derivatives in fund management, regulatory aspects.


Correspondent banking, banking risks, country risk analysis, bank financial statements, security aspects, documentary credits, internal audit, fraud and money laundering.

Corporate Credit Analysis

Lending principles, all aspects of credit risk, analysis of lending propositions.

Corporate Finance

Flotations, equity issues, acquisitions and disposals, public company takeovers, documentation for all types of deals, due diligence, AIM / OFEX, debt finance, Listing Rules, Takeover Code, company law.


All aspects of economics.

Media Training

Media training for groups of up to six executives at a time, the purpose being to train executives for TV and radio interviews.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying and selling companies, public company takeovers, restructuring, joint ventures, strategic alliances, private equity transactions including all types of buy-out, modelling, tax and accounting issues.


Modelling training at all levels, especially modelling related to corporate finance transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and buy-outs.

Project Finance

All aspects of project finance including PPP / PFI transactions.

Property Finance & Leasing

Property valuation techniques, property financing techniques, sale and leasebacks, securitisation, property investment trusts, the market for leasing, risks and benefits of leasing.

Regulation, Compliance and Accounting Standards

Listing Rules (basic and advanced), Takeover Code (basic and advanced), corporate governance, company law, the role of a company secretary, FSMA aspects, financial promotions, IAS / IFRS

Risk Management

All aspects of risk management including interest rate exposure analysis and foreign exchange exposure analysis, Basel II, value-at-risk, RORAC / RAROC and funds transfer pricing


Trading simulations for many different types of banking products including FX and money market instruments, bond and equity portfolio analysis.

Soft Skills

Selling skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, management issues, marketing and other relationship issues.


Tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, MBOs and AIM tax benefits, as well as all traditional areas including corporation tax, personal tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, VAT and overseas tax issues.

Trade Finance

Roles of banks in international trade, methods of settlement, export / import documentary collections, all types of documents, UCP 500 provisions, contract bonds and guarantees, export finance, forfaiting, structured trade and commodity finance, FX risks in trade finance.

Treasury Products

Money markets, bonds, pricing / yields of differen tinstruments, FRNs, equities, derivatives of all types and complexity, FRAs, swaps, futures, options, credit linked notes.


All areas of valuation, including specialised subjects such as technology companies, banks, insurance companies and other sectors. The main techniques of comparable company analysis and comparable bid analysis, DCF and other techniques. More complex related issues such as real options.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

All aspects of venture capital, buy-outs of all types, mezzanine finance, second lien finance, public to private transactions.

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